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    For Sale or Swap: [H] Space Marines [W] Paypal or Beastmen

    I am willing to break up this lot. Just send me a pm...
    For the whole lot I would like ~$170.

    Tactical Marines:
    -18 with Bolters
    -3 Sergeants
    -2 with Power Weapons
    -1 with Power Fist
    -1 with Flamer
    -1 with Heavy Bolter
    -2 with Missile Launcher
    (1 painted and 1 Primed Black)

    -9 with Close Combat Weapons and Bolt Pistols
    -2 Sergeants
    -2 with Combi-Melta and Power Fist
    -8 with Sniper Rifles
    -2 with Missile Launchers
    (7 Metal[5 painted] and 5 Primed Black)

    Assault Marines:
    -10 with Close Combat Weapons
    - 2-3 Sergeants
    -1 with Combat Shield and Thunder Hammer
    -1 with Combat Shield and Power Weapon
    -(1) with 2 Lightning Claws (can be converted Shrike) and Iron Halo
    (12 Primed Black and 1 with Jump Pack Primed Black)

    Vanguard Veterans:
    -2 with Close Combat Weapons and Bolt Pistols
    -2 with Power Weapons and Bolt Pistols
    -1 Sergeant
    -1 with Relic Blade
    (2 Plasma Pistols removed and replaced with 2 Bolt Pistols. All Metal)

    -2 with Lightning Claws
    -2 with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields
    -3 with Power Fists and Storm Bolters
    -1 with Assault Cannon
    -2 Sergeants
    -1 with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
    -1 with Power Weapon and Storm Bolter
    (All Plastic. Some converted for cool pose. 1 arm missing but will be delivered in box)

    -1 Librarian
    -1 with Power Armor, Force Weapon, and Bolt Pistol
    -1 "Can be" Shrike
    -1 with Power Armor, Iron Halo, and Lightning Claws

    Dedicated Transport:
    -1 Razorback / Rhino
    -No Turret, has forgeworld extra armor
    (Turret found on ebay for 12.95)

    Comes with a few extras like:
    -3 Land Speeders missing pieces
    -Old converted lascannon dev marine
    - GW Army Box (Black, Both Latches, some foam good, some a little distroyed.)
    Whole army fits inside!!!

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Estimated Price(New, Before Tax and without extras - $450.50 on GW.

    If you want pictures, please contact me and ask exactly what you want pics of. Thanks.

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