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    Tyranid Army for Sale

    Hey all, looking to sell my Tyranid army. I love the models and it's done me well. But no job and out-of-state tuition mean I have to find a way to pay rent. Already cleared out a lot of my warmachine, stuff, but it looks like that won't be enough for the semester.

    I would like to keep the army as intact as possible so preference would go to those who want bulk. I'm willing to ship oversees as well. I've done business with others on this site here as well so I can refer you to them if you want a reference on whether or not I'm true to my word on the sale.

    The painting scheme I have is a garish pink skin on purple carapace with ice blue highlights. I was a bit tired of seeing standard colors out there so I figure I'd go with something unorthodox. I like how the scheme turned out. The painting quality is pretty high, much better than table standard (see pics at the bottom). Not everything is painted, though.

    Not all models have the blue highlights (though it's a very simple dry brushing with some stipling) or some of the metal models may have some paint chip issues even though I did paint them with a very light layer of protectant. If you want to strip paint on any of the models, I give you my method. Work excellently on model and great on plastic.

    Here is what I have:

    x1 Hive Tyrant with Wings - Pinned, Magnetized, and painted

    x1 Tervigon - Converted and painted

    x6 Hive Guard - 4 painted, 2 unassembled, I think one of them is missing a bit from a gun (never came with it) so I've included the blister (with the batch #) it came in. GW should replace that free of charge. Hell you might get a free Hive Guard out of it.

    x24 Hormagaunts - 20 painted

    x50 Termgants - 14 painted the pink/purple scheme of mine, 10 are an orange/tan camo that I was going to repaint, 8 are a green/tan camo I was going to repaint, 8 are unpainted, and 10 of them need their arm sockets dremeled out to give them fleshborers (got them off ebay with spinefists). Pretty easy conversion and I will provide all the require fleshborer bits.

    x6 Genestealers - unpainted (cast in blue plastic).

    x6 Warriors - 3 are painted and magnetized. 3 are unassembled

    x1 Carnifex - New in Box. Was going to be converted into a Tervigon

    x1 Trygon - Primed and basecoated. I can finish painting this one if you want.

    All of this comes out for $775 retail and I'd be looking for about $575 or so for the lot.

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    If you don't find anyone to buy the entire lot I would be interested in the following:

    Unpainted/modeled Hive guards, the three unassembled warriors perhaps the Hive Tyrant and the Tervigon.

    I'll put them to good use, send me a message with a quote if nobody else contacts you.

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