Hey, just as with my Tyranids, my Retribution army has to go. Cost of living and all that combined with unemployment. On the plus side these models are completely unpainted and unprimed or new-in-box so you can do whatever you want with them. This army has played very well for me and won me a lot of games.

x1 Ravyn, Eternal Light

Heavy Warjack - Entirely Magnetized, can make 3 different jacks.

Discordia Heavy Warjack - This is an add-on to the heavy jack kit. Have all the other bitz so you can magnetize as above if you want.

Dawnguard Invitors (x9 Invictors and x1 Unit Leader)
Dawnguard Invitors Unit Attachment (Officer and Standard Bearer)

Mage Hunter Strike Force (x9 Mage Hunters and x1 Unit Leader)
Mage Hunter Strike Force Unit Attachment (Commander)

Stormfall Archers (x3 Archers and x1 Unit Leader)

x2 Mage Hunter Assassins (two different models)

x2 Arcanist

x1 Soulless Escort

Lady Aiyanna and Master Holt (x2 models)

x1 Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

x1 Retribution of Scyrah Army Book

All tokens and counters I have.

Retail comes out to $335 for all of this. Looking for $235 for the lot.