eBay - Wood Elves Starter Army

It is being sold on ebay! It ends in less than 24 hours. Head on over and pick it up! Here is all that it includes -

In this wood elf army you will receive the following -

6 Treekin NIB - All pieces are there EXCEPT one black base. There are 5 bases, and 6 treekin. Approx - $100 Retail

Wood Elf Battalion Box - All pieces are there, but the glade riders have been assembled and two of the Glade Guard have been. I wanted to paint a few so I assembled some. One is painted, the other is primed black. All the rest of the models are still on sprues in the box. Approx - $90 Retail

1 Woodelf Highborn with Great Weapon (new in package, not assembled) - Approx - $15 Retail

1 Woodelf Spellweaver with Staff (assembled) Approx - $18 Retail

1 Wood Elf Army Codex (fantastic condition) - Approx - $33

All of this retail is approx. - $256

Save money now and get this awesome starter army!