Hi all, this is my thread for raising funds (Necromunda and a new camera lens
are calling). I've not sold much on LibrariumOnline before, but have a 100% positive
feedback over on Warseer.com (profile name is the same).
I'm open to any
realistic offers really, then it's just good old fashioned haggling!

Anyway, this
is the list of things I have:

Warhammer Fantasy:

painted WoC Nurgle
Sorceror; the newer one will the scrolls and the staff.

10 well painted
Empire Archers/Huntsmen. These are painted in an autumnal paint scheme, with
autumn themed bases and a 2x10 movement tray.

1 unbuilt (apart from
torso glued to legs) Grail Knight Banner Bearer. This one has no shield at all.

1 well painted (although the banner itself is only primed black)
Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearer

Bretonnian Army Book, great condition.

Warhammer 40k

Painted Tau Ethereal

well painted and based Ghazgkull Thraka (metal)

Codex: Chaos Daemons.
The only damage is some wear and tear at the top of the spine on the outside.

Lord of the Rings

Metal Treebeard, painted but the
legs are not attached. No base at the moment-


Hardback Warhammer 40k Current (5th) Edition rulebook; good as new

A5 Paperback 5th ed. 40k rulebook- these can go for upwards of £15 online

Hardback 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook, pristine condition

'Emperor's Mercy' by Henry Zou


1500-2000pts Ogre Kingdoms army, consists of:
Pirate Maneater

6 Ironguts, in various stages of paint
Bulls, also as above
2 Leadbelchers, need a little bit more gs work
Gnoblars, some basecoated, with a fully painted ad based movement tray
Scraplauncher/Ironblaster, converted from a Giant
A bag of assorted Ogre
bitz from the Giant/Bulls/Leadbelcher/Irongut kits

Here is a link to the
painting log for the army:
Pirate Ogre Kingdoms Army

Bought new, the army would cost in the region of around £160 (using a
battalion) so I think I'm looking for offers around the £100 mark, although I
can negotiate on price of course. This is a real bargain considering that a lot
of the army is based very professionally, with some of it being finished and
well painted, and all primed.

Drop me a pm if anyone needs better photos
(the plog ones aren't great) or any details on the army

2) 2000pts Chaos
Space Marine Night Lords army, complete with NL conversion packs and FW Rhino Doors, consists of:
-1 Lord (the one
with jump pack and lightning claws, but minus the jump pack- which I can
-5 Terminators with lightning claws and 1 heavy flamer
Chaos Marines with a meltagun
-11 Chaos Marines with a flamer
-11 Chaos
Marines with 2 flamers
-10 Chaos Marines with a flamer
-4x Rhinos
-Codex: Chaos Space Marines
-A figure case
that has been cut to fit the whole force, except for 1 of the Rhinos.

Here are pics of the army:
Night Lords pictures by muse1c - Photobucket

All are painted to a high gaming standard, and are based too.
cost of buying the army new rrp is just over £450, including the costs of the
FW parts and the metal Night
Lords' conversion packs.
Bearing this in mind, and the painting/modelling
work that went into the army, I'd be interested in an offer around £450, but can
negotiate on price if need be
Drop me a pm if you're interested, or have any

That's all folks, as said, drop me a pm if you need any photos
or details!
I'll take most offers really, and can negotiate on price!