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    Sister Army For Sale.

    This is a Sisters army for sale, this army is in various stages of painting while some models havenít been touched others are half painted and ready to be stripped Iíll note it if its clean and unpainted.

    This is a collection for sale and I donít wish to break it up so I wonít sell parts there of, and it is preferable for Australian buyers only please.

    The Army contains:-

    Ephrael Stern and Inquisitor Hand Limited Edition Model.
    (I have the certificate for this in storage, canít find it atm but I definitely have it and can forward it to you after)

    1 x Gaunts Ghosts Boxed Set. (Gaunt & Command)

    1 x Vostroyan First Born Regiment (10 boxed set)

    1 x Inquisitor Coteaz & Retinue. (Metals)

    5 x Arco Flagellants (unpainted)

    2 x Penitent Engines

    2 x Exorcists (Original kits Ė undercoated)

    1 x Saint Celestine

    62 x Sisters of Battle w/
    4 x Heavy Bolters
    4 x Heavy Flamers
    1 x Multi Melta
    2 x Melta Gun
    3 x Storm Bolters
    5 x Flamers
    2 x Icon Bearers
    7 x Sister Superior

    12 x Inquisitorial Henchmen w/
    1 x Plasma Cannon
    2 x Heavy Bolter

    5 x Grey Knights w/ Incinerator (Old Metals)

    5 x Grey Knight Terminators w/ Psy-Cannon & Incinerator (Old Metals)

    11 x Militiamen (from 2nd ed Sisters Codex)

    1 x Sisters Rhino (unpainted)

    3 x Assassins w/
    1 x Callidus
    1 x Eversor
    1 x Culexus

    4 x Priests

    2 x Cannoness
    11 x Seraphim w/
    3 x Sister Superior
    3 x Twin Flamers

    2 x Daemonhost

    2 x Inquisitors

    1 x Bitz Box /w lots of scenic bases and raft of Guardsmen.

    1 x Citadel Figure Case (Foam has been cut to suit Exorcists).

    There are also multiple Codex to go with this, both new and old.

    The Price for all this is $550.00

    If interested please leave me a message or contact me on 0435 453 753 and organize a time and place to hand over. If you are not in Sydney and it requires posting to you then youíll have to pay postage.

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    Hm. On the one hand, I do like the Sisters of Battle.

    On the other, I'm not sure I exactly need 60 or so of them, as well as all the other stuff that goes with them.

    If you don't get any other offers, though, maybe shoot me a PM in the next few days? I'll think about it in the meantime and see if I can justify inheriting an army
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    I'm interested in a few of the sets but not the whole army, if you have trouble selling it as a whole let me know
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