I am selling my entire 40k Ork army. I would prefer to sell it all as one sale, so I will give preference to those who want to buy the whole lot. I'm not wanting to piece it out, but I will play it by ear. So, with out further delay, here is what I have for sale:

AoBR warboss primed black
Warboss with huge choppa and shoota painted to table top standard
Painboy assembled unpainted
Big Mek with KFF assembled unpainted
13 Nobs 7 with powerklaws
30 Boys with shootas
60 Boys with slugga shoppas
4 Deffkoptas
6 warbikers (the new ones)
2 Trukks (one new one old)
1 Ork Codex
1 AoBR Warboss still on sprue
3 deffkoptas still on sprue
And a ton of Ork bits

Everything listed is assembled unless otherwise stated. I take PayPal only and ship anywhere in the world. Make me an offer for the whole lot. Thanks for looking.