My location is England.

Don't be scared, make offers, please.


Clear Template set (Still on sprue)


Black Dragon (Painted Red, no rider.)


High Elf Prince on Gryphon

High Elf Prince Mounted (Lance)

High Elf Battle Standard Bearer

High Elf Wizard (Mounted)

High Elf Wizard (Foot)

High Elf Lion Chariot

High Elf Sword Masters x 15 (Full command)

High Elf Bolt Thrower x 1

High Elf Reavers x 5

High Elf Silver Helms x 7 (Always had Wizard and Prince in the unit)

High Elf Seaguard / Spearmen x 30 (2 command groups.)

High Elf Archers x 20 (2 Command groups)

Dark Elf Dreadlord Mounted

Dark Elf Spearmen x 12 (Full command)

Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen x 16 (Full command)

Dark Elf Corsairs x 5 (additional Hand Weapons)

Anvil of Doom (No extra character)

25 Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons (One command.)

2 x Cannons.

1 x Organ Gun.

Vampire Counts Book. (Latest edition.)

Dark Elves Book. (Latest edition)

Dwarfs Book (Latest edition.)

High Elves book (Latest edition.)


Eldar Fareer.

3 Warlocks.

10 Guardians. (with weapons platform)

5 Dire Avengers.

Wave Serpent

5 Space Marine Termies (4 basic equip, 1 with power sword)

11 Tactical Squad Marines (2 Sergents)

1 Space Marine Commander (Black Reach box set.)

Ork Warboss (Power claw, Black Reach Box Set)

4 Ork Nobz

17 Ork Choppa Boyz (2 x Big Shootas)

3 Deff Koptas. (No flying bases)

Space Wolves (Latest edition.)


Orcs and Goblins Army Book.


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