nice sized Tyranid force that includes

1x Swarmlord converted from Resin hive tyrant not the newest one painted
1x Old metal hive tyrant (not assembled) partially painted
1x Trygon Prime painted
1x Zoanthrope Painted
1x Lictor Resin Painted
1x Biovore metal Painted
3x spore mines metal unpainted
2x Carnifex Magnetized and painted ( some of the bio-morphs are unpainted but magnetized and also have extra magnets on the side)
5x Warriors painted (4 Scything talons and Deathspiters and one with a Venom cannon, Also one is converted a bit to be a tyranid prime)
1x Tyrant Guard w/ Lash whip painted
34 Hormagaunts w/Adrenal Glands (21 painted, 13 primed)
36 Termagants W/Devourers ( all unpainted without the arms attached some need a bit of cutting to put them on but not much will be easier to paint without the arms on anyways)also there is only 32 Devourers
1 5th Edition Tyranid Codex

Looking to trade for an Ork army or a Chaos Daemon army IMG_1399.JPGIMG_1400.JPGIMG_1401.JPGIMG_1402.JPGIMG_1403.JPGIMG_1404.JPGIMG_1405.JPGIMG_1406.JPGIMG_1407.JPGIMG_1408.JPGIMG_1409.JPGIMG_1410.JPGIMG_1411.JPGIMG_1412.JPGIMG_1413.JPGIMG_1414.JPGIMG_1415.JPGIMG_1416.JPG
i live in the USA