I'm selling my collection of unassembled and unpainted Rohan figures. I am in New Zealand but international postage can be arranged easily. I take Paypal only.
I'm happy to do a combined discount or army deal and will accept offers on anything. Prices are in New Zealand dollars. Please use xe.com to translate to your currency.

24 Warriors of Rohan, sealed in box - $30

24 Riders of Rohan new on sprues - $25 per 6

36 Warriors of Rohan new on sprue - $45 or $15 for 12.

Limited edition rohan captain that comes with the muster of Rohan set - offers

9 Mounted Royal Guard all unassembled - $100

3 Royal Guard on foot - $15

Eomer mounted - $10

Erkenbrand on foot and mounted, new in blister - $20

Grimbold new in blister - $10