Looking to get rid of some old armies of mine, so I figured I'd try to expand the ones I'm keeping

I have to trade(Put in code box to save space):

Latest edition Codex

2 blank tank variants, with the pieces to add turrets for hammerhead, skyray or devilfish (got pieces for 2 devilfish, and 1 of either skyray or hammerhead) [Neither undercoated]

I battlesuit commander with plasma rifle and I think the cyclic ion blaster(I forget which special variant is which) [undercoated and partially painted]

6 Battlesuits (1 with MP, PR and SG. 1 With FB, PR and SG. 1 With TL MP, SG. 2 with PR and Flamer and SG. 1 with BC, PRand SG.) [all undercoated, some with test paint on]

6 Burst Cannon Stealth suits [3 undercoated, 3 not]

19 Firewarriors (13 with Pulse rifle, 6 with pulse carbine) [10 undercoated and painted]

11 Kroot (1 converted into a shaper) [none undercoated]

18 gun drones, 3 shield drones, 2 marker drones [Mostly undercoated, one or two may need stripping]

6 Vespids. [Undercoated and painted basically, but have since taken some knocks, so the paint chipped a little]

And an Ethereal. [Undercoated and nicely painted]

All through various stages of painting, however all can be repainted easily as most have only been undercoated/test painted.

The battlesuits have some extra weapons supplied, should you with to swap weapons around.


Latest edition codex

20 Saurus Warriors (most are on sprue, 5 are built)

10 Temple Guard (all on sprue)

12 Skinks (Built)

8 Saurus Cavalry (Part-built)

Saurus Oldblood (Metal, built)

Some have began to be based in a temple theme. It's very simply to continue, and if you want to, I'll teach you how.


Moria Goblins: 

6-12 Wargs w/ converted chieften. (all painted well)

Around 32 each of goblins with shield, bow and spear. (16 of each painted)

3 converted drums (not undercoated)

3 converted shamans (painted)

3 converted squad leaders (Painted)

2 ringwraiths both foot and mounted (4 models total) (2 foot models painted)

The Goblin King (not undercoated)

A cave troll (Painted)

War of the Ring Hardback Rule Book.
Looking for:


MC's mainly, tervigon, tyrannofex, carnifex, hivetyrant. Any of those really. Or Gaunts, Really I'll just take any offers to expand my points.


Warriors I'm in most dire need of. But again, I'd be happy with most units.

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I'm happy to do part trades as well as full trades.

And I'm in the UK.