so basically i traded for more than i need so i'm looking to shed the excess

everything is in various states of painting

2 Tombking/prince with great weapon
3 liche priest 2 on foot 1 mounted
2 tomb herald 1 foot 1 mounted
1 finecast prince apophos
2 necrotect finecast

15 warriors full command spears.
27 archers
6 chariots

6 Necropolis Knights full command
3 ushabti 1 with no weapon
3 carrion
7 Tomb Guard no sheild arm. swords.
1 War sphinx
3 scorpians 1 with no base
casket of skulls
screaming skull catapult with crew

1 hardback tombkings Army Book

looking for in order of preferance:
Orcs and Goblins army
Bits of Ogres
Lizardmen army
Flock/sandy stuff
High Elves army
Skaven army
Wood elves army
Dwarfs army