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    40k Chaos Space Marines Army

    All right, I haven't done much of anything with the hobby in a few years, so it's time for me to clear out some space. The first items on offer come from my CSM army, which was my main force. I would prefer to sell this as a lot, but I will entertain offers on individual units. I'll be happy to email pictures.

    Painted and play ready
    - 1 Daemon Prince - This is the older, still-in-print, metal model, the one with the sword and boots. He is painted in Khorne colors. He has wings and a few green-stuff spikes on his back. This was one of the first models I painted, so he shows a few beginner mistakes, such as mold lines not filed off and some details overlooked in painting. However, he still looks great on the battlefield and remains one of my favorites. Goes by the name of Buddy.
    - 26 Khorne Berzerkers (2 boxes of the plastic models, plus 2 metal champions) - One squad was painted over a white primer, and I was never quite satisfied with the colors. They're not hideous or anything; just a little washed out. The other squad had an incident with a malfunctioning spray can that left many of the figures with diseased-looking boils in patches. Rather than scraping them off and starting over, I painted the diseased areas a putrid green and built it into their fluff that they had once had Nurglish allies, whom they had slain in a moment of blood-thirsty boredom, and the boils were their reward. It gives them a really unique character. Some of the Berzerkers may need a few parts reattached, but I'm not sure where my pin vise and super glue wound up, so it's up to you.
    - 9 Thousand Sons (1 box of mixed plastic and metal models, including the champion) - There's not much to say about these. They're painted to a good gaming quality in the blue and yellow colors shown in the codex.
    - 5 Raptors (1 box of metal models, including the champion with lightning claws) - Painted in the copper color they're frequently portrayed in. I sprayed some polyfill grey and glued it to their bases, to give the appearance of clouds of dirty smoke emanating from their jump packs.
    - 1 Defiler - Painted in Khornate colors. One of the spikes on its eight-pointed star has broken off and needs to be reattached. Other than that, there's not much to say.

    Partially assembled and/or painted
    - 3 Raptors - These are the heavy-weapon-toting model, but plasma rifles and one deformed flamer are the only weapon options. A friend bought these back in the days when they were the cheapest way to get spare heavy weapons for CSM, and he gave me the leftover parts (including the models themselves).
    - 4 Khorne icons - I ordered these to attach to things (mainly Berzerker squads), but I never finished painting them.
    - 60-ish Khorne Berzerkers in various states - I bought these secondhand so that I could bolster my forces as needed (and then, of course, I never got around to doing anything with them). They range from assembled to primed to fully painted in a maroon-like red/purple. Also, one or two have some odd assembly choices, such as plasma-pistol hands put on the wrong arm or upside down. (Don't ask me; they came this way.)

    Unassambled and unpainted
    - 1 CSM Terminator Champion, circa 2000, still in blister
    - 1 CSM Lord, still-in-print model (foot on a space-marine helmet), still in blister
    - 1 CSM sorcerer, still-in-print model (staff and plasma pistol), still in blister
    - 1 Ahriman, opened blister but complete
    - 1 Kharn the Betrayer, without package but comeplete

    Other stuff
    - spare pieces from Berzerkers, Defiler, etc.
    - transfer sheets - I never applied any of them, so you get the option to apply them just the way you like.
    - the current codex and one outdated codex

    Again, I will be happy to email pictures. You can contact me here, or by email at holothuria at hotmail dot com.

    - Jon

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