In my great clearing of house, I'm reaching the end of my 40k products. This is a Tyranid battleforce box from five or six years ago. It is very similar in composition to the current version, except it has the older model Genestealers.

Painted (in a really simple black and purple scheme) and in need of some base work (I intended to do long, dead grass, so the bases are painted a yellow-brown color)
- 8 Hormagaunts
- 3 Ripper Swarms

In various stages of removal from sprues and prepping (no glue or primer)
- 3 Tyranid Warriors
- 8 Hormagaunts
- 16 Termagants
- 12 Genestealers

Other stuff
- a few spare parts
- not 1 but 2 outdated Codices (or I can take these to the recycler, if you prefer.

All the figures are entirely plastic. I'll be happy to email photos. Contact me here or by email at holothuria at hotmail dot com.

- Jon