I bought the big Beastmen (or Beasts of Chaos as they were known at the time) army box several years back, and, as with much else in this hobby, I never really got to doing a whole lot with it. Since I got it, both ogres and trolls have been removed from the book, so there aren't any heavy hitters here. I could sell these as individual units or altogether; it makes no difference to me.

Painted and play ready
- 1 (metal) Beastlord with Great Weapon - Painted to a good gaming quality. I modified his axe by making two incisions into the blade, so now it has three smaller blades.
- 12 (plastic) Gors with two weapons each, with command group - I believe these are the out-of-print type, from the times when gors and ungors came together in a single box.
- 8 (plastic) Ungors with spears and shields - Those were their only weapon options then. Also out of print.

Unassembled and unpainted
- 1 (metal) limited-edition Standard Bearer - He's holding the huge banner overhead in his left hand, and an axe in front of the banner in his right.
- 1 (metal) Bray Shaman
- 5 (metal) Centigors, including command
- 12 (plastic) Gors
- 8 (plastic) Ungors

Other stuff
- spare parts from the first box of Gors and Ungors
- 1 outdated Codex, if you want it.

As always, I'll be happy to send pictures. My email address is Holothuria at hotmail dot com, or you can contact me here.

- Jon