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    40k Assault on Black Reach, Chaos Ogres and Trolls, D&D Figures, Random Other Stuff

    All right, I'm getting down to the random oddities in my collection now. This may be my final listing, depending on whether I decide to part with my start at a Mordheim warband.

    Models & Such, unassembled and unpainted
    - 40k Assault on Black Reach starter - Open but complete.
    - 5 (metal) Fleshounds of Khorne - These are the out-of-print models with sabertooth-catlike teeth, the models which look more like starved dogs than the current frilly dinosaurs.
    - WFB Chaos Ogre Command (3 metal models)
    - 3 WFB Chaos Trolls (metal)
    - 4 old (c. 1994) Dungeons and Dragons figures, slightly smaller scale than Warhammer - Goblin with sword and shield, lizardman with spear, wolfman, dwarf with spear and shield. These are metal and, given their age, likely contain lead.

    - Chessex 25734 - 12 red with black speckles and gold pips, 16mm D6
    - Chessex 25904 - 36 red with black speckles and green pips, 12mm D6
    - 2x Chessex 23607 - 12 translucent purple with white pips, 16mm D6
    - Chessex 23601 - 12 translucent colorless with white pips, 16mm D6

    Free to anyone who will pay shipping (or pick up) but perhaps useless
    - most of a roll of Kneadatite green stuff - It's a bit dry but not so dry that it can't be worked.
    - approximately 70 and varnishes, 12 inks and a few spare empty pots, all G.W. brand - These are all dry, but perhaps someone with the right knowledge could revive them.
    - 4th edition Warhammer 40k rulebook, hardcover

    Free to anyone who will pick up, since I think shipping would be a hassle and/or illegal
    - most of a tube of Testors plastic cement - Again, old and possibly past usefulness.
    - spray paints, in various states of fullness - Citadel white primer, black primer, and blood red; Krylon medium grey primer, ultra-flat camouflage (sort of a dark brown with a slightly bronze tint), crystal clear finish, and matte finish (1311). These are all a few years old, so you'll have to experiment to find out if they work.

    I think that's it for now. Feel free to send me any questions, either here or by email to holothuria at hotmail dot com.

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    Warhammer 40k

    What would you like for Assault on Black Reach and is the free green stuff dead/unusable paint, and 4th edition rulebook also available?

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