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    Question about cars...

    Okay, this has been bugging me for weeks now, and I finally figured I'd just ask it here and see what I get.

    So, as the title says, this is a question about cars. Or, more accurately, Trucks. You know, Ford's F-series and Ranger, Dodge Ram and Dakota, Chevy's Silverado and Colorado, GMC's Sierra and Canyon, Toyota's Tacoma and Tundra, and so on and so forth.

    If you're feeling generous you might even tack on those screwy "Shortened-SUV-with-a-tiny-bed-tacked-on-the-back" things like the Avalanche and Explorer Sport Trac as well... bleh...


    Anyways, What I'm wondering here is: How common are they where you live?

    I'm in Winnipeg, prairie country and all that, so they're pretty much everywhere. It's not uncommon to see 4 or 5 trucks stopped at a single red light, and even a small 7-11 parking lot can quite easily have 2 or 3 parked there at once. At the local Tim Hortons coffee shop last Thursday, I stopped to count and found a grand total of 11 parked outside. I'd say there's probably a good 20 trucks parked in driveways within a block of my house! The last time I renewed the insurance on my truck, the agent had moved here from some other city and he commented that "there sure are a lot of trucks around here"... Which really started this whole thing.

    Being in a Prairie city surrounded by farmland, I expect that there would be more trucks here than in more "urban" areas, but by how much? Is this pretty normal for similar cities? or is this more than the average for similar areas? Less?

    So basically what I'm asking is where do you live (the general sort of area is just fine if you don't want to give a specific place), and in your experience, how common are trucks in your area?

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    Well here in Johannesburg Bakkies (pron. 'Buck- ee') are fairly common, we don't get all the American tank like vehicles because you'd go bankrupt paying for fuel, but there are lots of them. Opel Corsa utilities, Ford rangers, Ford Bantams, Ford F250, Toyota hilux, Nissan hardbody, nissan Navara... the list goes on. They are generally favored by farmers and contractors. Even 4x4 enthusiasts like them. tradesmen love them. They are very versatile and are liked for their loading space. The fact that you can get them in double cabs means they can also be family cars. There are heaps and heaps of them in all different shapes and sizes used for different things, that, I suppose, is why they are referred to as utility vehicles.

    Hope that helps to a degree.

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