Well, their newest album has been out for a while, and looking at each song, I realised how different each one is to the normal metal you hear. You have a lot of slower, ballad-type songs, and a lot of political-ness thrown in. Along with these more political songs is the more metal type of songs you would be accustomed to such as Play For Blood, Sleepwalker, and the theme from the video game 'Gears of War'.

The rating will be as followed-

Other Instruments
Vocals (Sound-wise)
and Overall

Lyrics- 9.0/B I gave this a 9.1 because I do love most of the lyrics, but some songs get a tad bit too political. Otherwise, they are all amazing songs that touch up on some classic Megadeth style, to a newer style they seem to be putting out.
Guitar- 9.7/A There are some amazing guitar rifts on this CD, as well as solo's. A 9.7 for the sound of it, but not a 10 as it is not too difficult to play, while still remaining some-what complicated.
Other Instruments- 9.8/A I gave this a 9.8 because each instrument ties in with the others to create a nice conjoined sound. Really sounds amazing when you specifcally listen to each, then listen to the way each plays in with each other, and then look at each parts music.
Vocals- 9.2/B They sound good, if not amazing, especially in the song 'A Tout Le Monde', and in 'Sleepwalker' but not the best I have seen from them.
Overall- 9.425/A
(Scale based off of F=0-69 D=70-74 C=75-84 B=85-92 A=93-100)

This is my personal opinion, and you may not like the CD, but I find it to be awesome. I also may be a tad bit biased as I am a Megadeth fan, but hey, who else would buy their CD other than a fan?