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    Dethskullz Warboss Morden's Avatar
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    Your movie Top 10 and series Top 5.

    Post your top 10 movies and Top 5 tv flicks if not possiable to do a top 10 like myself just post your favourites to your heart contents! ^_^. I borrowed this from another forum (thanks W-E)

    Here are mines so far.
    Hmm, i cant really put my movies in order since i like to many of them so here we go...
    Star wars(all), Star trek(all), Babylon 5(a call to arms, thirdspace and i guess the lost tales)
    Aliens(all 4), I robot, Clerks 1&2, Jay and Slient bob movie, The hills have eyes 1( the newest one)
    Star Wrek(its not really a big big movie but it was released in europe i think at least, basically a spoof of babylon 5 vs star trek), Benchwarmers, Spawn, Hitman, The lion, the witch and the wardrobe.
    Loads of the WW1 and 2 movies, Predator movies, Me myself and irene, Home alone(old kids classic), Toy story 1&2, Conan the Barbarian(all movies), 300(old and new ones), Die hards 1-4, Willie wonker and the choclate factory(prefer the old one but new one is funny tho), Falling down, Enter the Dragon, Smoking aces, MiB 1&2, Serenity, Pretty much all the zombie flicks, Signs, Troy, V for vendetta, Crank, The 13th warrior
    Most of the dirty harry movies and Space balls there far to many more to say.

    And for Tv Shows its
    1. Babylon 5
    2. Star Trek
    3. Buffy
    4. Angel
    5. SG1
    6. BSG
    7. Famliy Guy
    8. Furturama
    9. Simpsons
    I could go on but i wont.

    Come on whos next?!

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    3 (x1)


    1. Saving private ryan
    2. Withnail and I
    3. The Matrix (only the first one)
    4. Simpsons movie
    5. Deep impact (B-movie! Woot!)

    TV series

    1. House .Md
    2. The Simpsons
    3. That Mitchel and Webb look
    4. Top Gear
    5. My name is earl

    Tunes ('cos i'm bored)

    1. Once in a Lifetime - Talking heads
    2. Baba O'riley - The Who
    3. Walter reed - Michael Penn
    4. Vanishing point - New Order
    5. Big chair - Travis
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    LO Zealot gauss_storm's Avatar
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    103 (x5)

    1. The Matrix (first one only)
    2. Fight Club
    3. Tenacious D the Pick of Destiny :p
    4. Final Fantasy: Spirits Within
    5. All of the Alien Movies
    6. Predator 1

    T.V. Shows.
    1. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    2. Sienfeld (best show ever)

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    30 (x2)

    I Dont see I am Legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greatest movie of the current decade.
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    Adeptus Laziness Pixie's Avatar
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    163 (x3)

    In no particular order, movies I think are a must see that you might not have already seen yet.

    The Maltese Falcon: You need to watch at least one movie with Humphrey Bogart in it, and Casablanca probably is it... except I haven't seen Casablanca, and Maltese Falcon is still pretty good.

    Dr. Strangelove: It's a funny story about nuclear bombs and possible impending doom. And tapwater.

    Drunken Master: One of the best Jackie Chan movies out there, made before Hollywood got its filthy claws on the guy, and displaying that strange and mysterious style of kung-fu known as drunken boxing.

    Anything by Studio Ghibli: Seriously. Watch something by Studio Ghibli. You better not slack off and watch the dubbed versions though.

    The Longest Day: Yes, it's another black and white movie, but this is probably the first and only movie about D-Day that shows off more than just Omaha beach. (I'm kidding, there's other movies, but did any of them involve the french? Yes, the french.)

    Ran: Another war movie, only involving colour. It can get a bit long (not as long as Seven Samurai... good movie, but my god is it long.), but the battles in this movie are epic. (And technically the script is also written by Shakespeare. Seriously. :3 )

    The Princess Bride: The only comedy romance movie that's actually any good to watch.

    Goldeneye: Personally I think Pierce Brosnan is the best James Bond out there, and as proof I offer this movie. (Sean Connery came in a close second in From Russia with Love though... another good Bond movie you should watch)

    Perfect Blue: It's not one of the best, but bonus points for you if you could figure out what's going on before the end of the movie. :3

    Kikujiro: Nobody dies in this movie. No one! It even has a kid in it! The movie has high levels of cuteness in it as a lazy former thug tries to help a boy find his mother.

    Quote Originally Posted by gauss_storm View Post
    4. Final Fantasy: Spirits Within
    Really? I thought the movie was pretty (very pretty), but beyond that, the script was B movie quality, and what made it worse was the actors bland voices.

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    Eternal Crusader Helbrecht's Avatar
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    116 (x5)

    1. Star Wars Episodes 4-6
    2. Super Troopers
    3. Predator
    4. Superbad
    5. Aliens
    6. Black Hawk Down
    7. Waiting
    8. V for Vendetta
    9. 300
    10. Terminator 2

    1. House
    2. the Universe
    3. Scared
    4. Cops
    5. South Park

    1. Bullet For My Valentine- Scream Aim Fire
    2. Coheed and Cambria- Welcome Home
    3. Fear Factory- Archetype
    4. Papa Roach- Last Resort
    5.Evergreen Terrace- Chaney can't quite riff like hemets paige hamilton
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    Swarm Queen of LO grimmtu's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakey07 View Post
    2. Baba O'riley - The Who
    Rep for not calling it "Teenage Wasteland"

    For me, if anybody really cares - in no particular order, but numbered any ways.


    1 - Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels
    2 - Dune (Hey, both these first two have Sting in them)
    3 - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (Yes, a real movie. Yes, it's terrible. Yes, I love it).
    4 - This Is Spinal Tap
    5 - Modern Times (Can't beat Charlie Chaplain)
    6 - Evil Dead series (classic)
    7 - Labyrinth (David Bowie and Jim Henson? Yes please!)
    8 - The Forbidden Zone (old weird Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman movie, good stuff)
    9 - The Princess Bride (Brilliant!)
    10 - Space Balls!


    1 - Kids in the Hall (canadian comedy)
    2 - Trailer Park Boys (more canadian comedy)
    3 - Futurama
    4 - Charlie Rose (smartest person on TV)
    5 - The Boondocks

    Music (why not?)

    1 - Bogoroditse Devo by Sergei Rachmaninov (most beautiful song ever written)
    2 - Code Blue by T.S.O.L. (if you ever heard it, you'd understand)
    3 - Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash (my grandpa used to play this song on the banjo)
    4 - Story of My Life by Social Distortion (it's, well, the story of my life)
    5 - The Entire Sparkle & Fade album by Everclear (the real story of my life that I don't tell people about)
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    Sir Proofreader Deadstar_MRC's Avatar
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    470 (x8)

    I'm not really a big movie person, but I have watched a few that I really quite liked. So, in no particular order, just numbered so I can see if I get to ten;

    1: V for Vendetta
    2: The Bourne Identity
    3: House of Flying Daggers
    4: Monty Python's Holy Grail
    5: Final Fantasy: Spirits Within (It's one to see just for the visuals, the movie isn't that great but it's not too bad)
    6: Red Dragon (I didn't think I was a thriller person, and haven't seen any of the other movies. But I saw this one and liked it.)
    7: The Last Samurai (To quote from a comedic band; Tom Cruise is good in a good film, but he doesn't really help it be a good film. He just happens to be there while it's being a good film.)
    8. Nightwatch (I kind of had no idea what was going on, but sometimes that's part of the fun.)

    And I don't think I can think of any more. I mean I've seen more than that, but not all of them were all that good, you know? Though I remember Black Hawk Down and Kiss of the Dragon being good movies, so maybe they can go on the end.

    I'm not into any TV shows, really, and I think if I start on music I could be here for a while (though my avatar does give a good starting point...)
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    Senior Member Konstantin's Avatar
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    24 (x1)

    Only the Tv series are in order.

    1. LoTR Trilogy
    2. Donnie Darko
    3. V for Vendetta
    4. Pirates Trilogy
    5. Starwars (ALL)
    6. Black Hawk Down
    7. Funny Games
    8. The Mist
    9. Saving Private Ryan
    10. Aliens

    1. New BattleStar Galactica (best show on earth, end of discussion, nothing else even comes close.)
    2. Supernatural
    3. South Park
    4. Heroes
    5. Dexter

    And one series that ended already, Rome.

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    Painting Machine! Tekore's Avatar
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    542 (x8)

    In no particular order, and forgetting many good ones:


    1. New Battlestar Galactica
    2. Scrubs
    3. 30 Rock
    4. The Office
    5. The Shield
    6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    7. First two seasons of the West Wing
    8. Curb Your Enthusiasm


    1. Seven Samurai
    2. The Royal Tenenbaums
    3. The Godfather
    4. The Shawshank Redemption
    5. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    6. There Will Be Blood
    7. The Prestige


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