I know this has nothing to do with warhammer but there we go...

Here is a Man test. You get points for each you can say yes to. Total them up and put them into the chart and give us your result.

You’re a man when…

…you shave your moustache into a “Hitler’s toothbrush?, just to see what it looks like (1 point)

…you walk past a police car oinking (2 points)

…you puke in the toilet cistern in the curry house (1 point)

…you book into a posh hotel to watch free porn (2 points)

…you eat the hottest curry on the menu just to look tough (1 point)

…you memorise at least 30% of the dialogue in con air (2 point)

…you puke in the bin at work (1 point)

…you forget the girlfriend’s birthday more than 2 years running (5 points)

…you exclaim “frig me that’s clever? at a cremation (2 points)

…you blame a fart on the dog (1 point)

…you end a perfectly good relationship for no reason whatsoever (2 point)

…you accidentally let a chuckle out at a funeral (1 Point)

…you own an illegal dog (3 Points)

…you fall asleep talking to a call girl… (1 Point)

…who doesn’t disconnect you (2 Points)

…you keep tropical fish at home. And watch them die (1 Point)

…you drink more than 16 pints between the hours of 6.30pm and 11.00pm (3 Points)

…you drunkenly head butt a hole into the door (3 Points)

…you shout “hit him!? through out a boxing match, even though you have never fought in your life before (1 Point)

…you keep your clapped out car in the fast lane… (1 Point)

…causing a 9 mile tail back (1 Point)

…you fart at a funeral (1 Point)

…you shout at a foreign waiter (2 Points)

…you launch yourself down a bowling lane at the local alley (3 Points)

…there's a drink named after you in the local (3 Point)

…you go on holiday with only a rough idea of which continent you’re going too (2 Point)

…you buy all of your Christmas presents between 5pm and 6pm Christmas eve (2 Points, 3 if you’re married)

…you perform a perfect ‘Donut’ in your mum’s nova (2 Points)

…you accidentally smear poo on your wipe hand…then smell it (1 Point)

…you nick a colleagues credit card to sign up to unlimited porn (2 Points)

…you twat your best mate (2 Points)

…you covertly burp into a lady’s bits, completely unbeknown to her (1 Point)

…you buy every accessory known for an airgun, including telescopic site and a silencer (2 Points)

…you cheat on your girlfriend (2 Point)

…you foolishly take on a band of gypsies outside the pub at kicking out time (5 Points)

…you crush a beer can flat with one hand (1 Point)

…you pass out and sleep completely naked on the toilet for more than six hours (1 Point)

…you’ve brought so many Johnnies from the late night garage that they know you by name (3 Points)

…you abandon a perfectly good bed cos your to lazy to move it too a new pad (1 Point)

…you wake up from a ludicrously drunken night out with a bafflingly sore arse (1 Point)

…you accidentally put diesel in an unleaded car (1 Point)

…you puke on a public transport when it’s crowded (1 Point)

…you pretend to love whales to get laid (1 Point)

…you use leaves to wipe your arse (1 Point)

…you fill a sports bag with pizza at an ‘all you can eat’ buffet (1 Point)

…you call your current girlfriend by the name of your previous girlfriend (3 Points)

…you put a finger on her starfish during sex then look confused when she slaps you (1 Point)

…you rob the flowers from a well tended grave and put them on your mates (1 Point)

…you lock your keys in the same car twice in one day (2 Points)

…you dress as a priest as part of an elaborate hoax (1 Point)

…you march on a demonstration to get laid (1 Point)

…you push a cotton bud so far into your ear that you cough (1 Point)

…you interrupt a `…or forever hold his piece’ bit at a wedding (4 Points)

…you learn one song on the guitar (1 Point)

…you ***** out the window of a moving train (2 Points)

…you’ve smashed a pool cue in half in pure frustration (3 Points)

0-10; Hey! You’re not a guy! It did say for guys only! Get lost woman!
11-25; Well sorry for mistaking you for a girl…
26-39; And ye call yourself a man…disgraceful…
40-60; Your tackle swings between your legs…
61-80; Man o man are you a man…geddit?
81-100; Jeez…you probably shoot pistols and fly jets...