I know technically this should be in the roleplay section (as my understanding of the rules goes anyway) but I summarise it won't even be seen if its posted there. So any Moderators out there forgive me if I just made a botch up!

But where are all the roleplayers? I was looking through that section, and nearly all of those games haven't been posted in for about a month or two.

Call me a moaning bugger, but I really like my roleplay games (especially freeform play-by-post games), but with a roleplay section as dead is this one even I'm going to have to pray to the Emperor for a miracle in order to get some players!

Come on, I'm sure there's plenty of you out there, in fact, I'd bet my next pay cheque on it, so why aren't you guys getting involved in what is ultimately, such a creative and expressionate form of entertainment?