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Thread: D. A. G.

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    Junior Member LordDragonClaw's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
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    Unless you haven't kept up with the card game for a time, you already know from the brutally obvious name that this is a Magic: The Gathering (MTG) Clan. If you are a noob to the card game, then you most definately knew from that name.

    Down to business. Noticing the lack of MTG players, who are open about it anyway, Brother-Captain Fenix and I decided to create this clan. Now, if you want to join, go ahead and PM me or BCF (the guy named in the previous sentence. you'll have to learn how to quickly figure out what all of my abbreviations mean) and then you can post in this thread annoucing your membership here.

    Your duties as a member will be: bringing in other MTG players from this and other forums, continuing to play the game, and have fun doing it. The rest of this thread may be treated as a MTG discussion thread, although the mods and admins may prefer you to do that kind of posting in the MTG area of the CCG forum.

    Always remember the Legacy of Urza: Artifacts.

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    Mar 2004
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    yes i shall be the one under LDC
    any questions and such PM me or him...................
    When cities burn and armies turn
    and flee in disarray,

    Cowards will cry 'tis best to fly
    and fight another day,

    But warriors know it in their marrow when they
    die and fall,

    It is better to have fought and lost than not have
    fought at all.

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