Hello all,

Iím just fishing for a bit of advice, and wondering if anyone here on LO may be able to help me.

Iíve recently purchased a Nikon D90 camera, and while perfectly happy with it thus far I am thinking of investing in a dedicated macro lens for photographing miniatures, and other small stuff I might find about the place.

Iím just wondering if anyone has any experience with macro lenses, or any advice that might be useful. Iíve picked up a few things of interest already, and I can mention specific lenses that Iím looking at if that helps, but I thought Iíd leave it general for now and see what comes out.

I know this isnít really a photography forum, but thereís a little bit of crossover with miniature photography and, because this would be the main purpose of the lens, I thought it made sense to start here!

So if anyone has any advice to offer, it would be greatly appreciated.