I will be gone for the next two weeks on my holiday to Greece with my girlfriend and my family. I’m off to a very small island called Halki in the Dodecanese, and its going to be infernally hot but there is plenty of ice cream and sambooka. Thankfully there is no night life or clubs other than three or four quite tavernas, there are no water sports or activities so there will be no teeming human filth to get in my way. Most of the houses are derelict or abandoned, goats and cats wonder around unhassled and the people there are really nice. There is an average population of fifty people, on the whole island! I’m going to have a great time; just me, a ice cold drink, a pen and a hell of a lot of paper! See you all later. Oh yeah! And my brother and I need to check out if the sunken boat (that we kind of helped sink....) is still there.


http://www.go2halki.co.uk/ (this one proves how little there actually is on the island, its a party persons nightmare&#33

http://www.halkivisitor.com/gallery.htm (and here’s some nice photos and a ton of other information and history on the island.)