Just dug this up - I wrote it a few years ago. Thought you might like a look:

Where are your tears? Where is the pain?
The world still turns, the sun still burns,
And Superman is dead.

Why did you lie? Why did he go?
I canít just sit and eat this shit,
And Superman is dead.

Why canít I stay? Why arenít I scared?
Come into the light, who knows whatís right,
And Superman is dead.

Why canít I cry? Why canít I see?
Stand still, donít run, and drop the gun,
And Superman is dead.

Why am I here? Why canít you love?
Hands up, donít move, hate wins, you lose,
And Superman is dead.

Where did he go? That boy down the road?
We took his hope, and a stout length of rope,
And Superman is dead.

Love it or hate it or anything inbetween - I'm happy to hear it all. But I'm happier if tomorrow in your lunch break at work or college, you think for a second about Superman and our attemps to, as Ozzy puts it, civilise the universe.