Time for round 3 of the Mind Games 40k tournament.

This round: Saturday, August 22nd starting at 10am. Points: 2050 Cost: $20 (prepays will get an in-game bonus and entry to the door prize raffle) Max 20 players. You need to be fully painted to win prizes but you can still place 2nd and 3rd battle points when not fully painted. This is the final chance to get into the finals (read more on that below). First two game scenarios are posted at yesthetruthhurts.com, you can email me at stelek@yesthetruthhurts.com for more info. I'll be running it but not participating (unless required as a ringer, lol). Please note you need to bring 5 legible army lists. AB format preferred.

General Info:

This is a series of four tournaments. The fourth of which will be an invite-only tournament. Here's how it works. There will be three tournaments that will give people a chance to qualify for the final and in each of these there will only be 2 main prizes given per tournament, Overall and Best Painted, though we might be able to throw in a few extras.

Each of the two main prizes will get 1/3 of the money paid in, with the final 1/3 being saved for later (more details on that in a minute).

The top 4 players (top 3 battle points and best painted) will be given an invite to the tournament at years end.

For players who 'repeat' an invite will not be extended again obviously, -the next person down will get an invite.

No one can earn best overall or best painted more than once in the 3 qualifying tournaments, but anyone who has earned an invite previously and scores in the top 3 battle points will earn a big bonus in the final tournament. The more times you place, the bigger the bonus. This won't be revealed until after the 3rd qualifying tournament. You can't place again for best painted, bonus points are only given for combat prowess.

Anyway, the final tournament will have an estimated 12 players but might end up at 16, I haven't decided yet. They get to pay 20$ in for this tournament too, I know it's kind of mean but it all comes down to this:

The 1/3 of the unpaid money from the 3 qualifying tournaments (about 100-120 bucks each), with a matching donation by yours truly, will be added to the $240 paid in so there should be a kitty of around $900.

This is a rather nice prize, and all of it will be going to the winner of the final tournament! Winner take all.