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Thread: Rep points?

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    Rep points?

    wondering what they are and how you get them, i noticed i have two but that isn't alot obviously

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    There's two parts to it:

    Your "rep power" is based on how long you've been here, how much you post etc, and that affects how much rep you give people when you click the thumbs up symbol.

    The stars show how much rep you've recieved, to see where it comes from it's on the User CP link.
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    Holy Crap! A person with a name similar to mine!

    Rep power is how much rep points you give someone when you hit the little thumbs up button. There are numerous ways you will be given rep power; you get 1 rep power for each full month you've been a member on LO, 1 rep power for each 100 rep points you have, and 1 rep power for each 500 posts you make.

    For example I currently have 40 rep power, you can see it next to my stars to the left; I have made 1467 posts (+2 rep power), have 2247 rep points (+22 rep power), and have been on LO for 15 30-day periods (+ 15 rep power), plus of course I started with 1.

    Rep points are how many points you have received from being repped. We'll go back to my examle of myself, I have 40 rep power so each and every time I give out rep the person receives 40 rep points. I also have 2247 rep points so the people who have repped me have given me that much rep total, measured from the time they gave me the rep.

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