Well, first i will be honest. I haven't read the book, but i know people who have and they were dissapointed by the movie as it had so many errors in apparently. But then again all movies ruin the books for all those who have actually read them. Like harry potter, The nothern lights ( the one with daemons as a soul companion ) and now Percy Jackson. I didn't need the book to tell that alot was missing and that not alot about the characters were shown that could be shown in a book, but enough of my ranting.

Some things that i want to highlight that aren't to do with the book, before i talk about the movie itself.

The guy who plays percy, Logan Lerman, he may pass for 12...just.... and he's 17. But and this is a big but.....Alexandra who is 23 looks nothing like a 12 year old. She does look very attractive however.

For those that haven't seen the film. Here are a few pictures for you decide whether they can really pass as 12 year olds.

Alexandra Daddario


For more.
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

The film.
SPOILERS - well minor spoilers, nothing related to the main plot.

The highlight of the film for me were the start of Percy's training in his first battle, where we saw blue guys running into red guys yelling, swinging swords and looking like their ready to do an epic fight scene even if it's younger adults verse young adults. Sadly the scene was short lived, but there were a few duels involved, but when Percy does these moves out of nowhere to defend himself, which he apparently has no control over consciously, they don't look too convincing but it passes.

The special effects for the hydra, the devil and the place of hell and the water effects in the final battle weren't bad too.

The acting was good as well. I quite liked Brandon T. Jackso's acting of Grover. If Alexandra was meant to look cold and cunning as well as smart, then it was a job well done.

Apart from, the film didn't feel like it was about 150 minutes long and i felt that the director could have cut down on the time spent in other scenes and added in more from the book, because the film felt like it was missing alot of details that could ahve made the film more entertaining, but then again we are always wanting more.

On the last note, if your going to watch it, make sure it's either a family occasion to make the trip more worthwhile or make sure that you not only going to town to watch. I would reccomend watching the film first before reading the book so that you don't have to watch the film and think, " they did that wrong", every few minutes because it's annoying from experience of reading the harry potter books first then watching the film.

Hope you like my review and i would like to know what other people thought of it.