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    Lord of the Household BobaHat's Avatar
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    The L-O member language thread

    This is a thread dedicated to the wonders and diversity of the language of our fellow human mammals.

    This forum has members from all over the world, and it is always interesting to admire the different languages of the world.

    So here's how it works. Here is a number of phrases in English. You have to translate them into your native tongue. Simple!

    I'll go first:

    Country: Denmark
    Continent: Europe
    Language: Danish

    Hello = Goddag
    Good morning = Godmorgen
    Good afternoon = God eftermiddag
    Good evening = Godaften
    Good night = Godnat
    Goodbye = Farvel
    How are you? = Hvordan har du det?
    What time is it? = Hvad er klokken?
    Where do you come from? = Hvor kommer du fra?
    How old are you? = Hvor gammel er du?
    What is your name? = Hvad er dit navn?

    I'm sorry = Undskyld
    Thank you = Tak
    Have a nice day = Hav en god dag
    I love you = Jeg elsker dig

    Monday = Mandag
    Tuesday = Tirsdag
    Wednesday = Onsdag
    Thursday = Torsdag
    Friday = Fredag
    Saturday = Lørdag
    Sunday = Søndag

    Summer = Sommer
    Winter = Vinter
    Autumn = Efterår
    Spring = Forår

    My hovercraft is full of eels = Mit luftpudefartøj er fyldt med ål
    I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts = Jeg har et skønt bundt kokosnødder
    One language is never enough = Ét sprog er aldrig nok
    I paint small plastic soldiers = Jeg maler små plastiksoldater

    Let me hear yours.

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    BANANA! Hive Fleet Ruina's Avatar
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    I'm not extremily fluent in all three languages that I speak, I can speak Norwegian and Russian to some extent. For Russian I have in brackets the pronounciation in english, but I am restricted quite a bit because there are sounds in Russian that are lacking in English.

    Country: Russia
    Continent: Europe
    Language: Russian

    Hello = Привет (Priivet)
    Good morning = Доброе утро (dobroe utro)
    Good afternoon = Добрый день (Dobroe den)
    Good evening = Добрый вечер (Dobroe Vecher)
    Good night = Спокойной ночи (spokoinoi nochi)
    Goodbye = до свидания (Do svedaneia)
    How are you? = Как дела? (kak dela)
    What time is it? = Сколько сейчас времени? (skolko seichac vpemeni)
    Where do you come from? = Вы откуда? (vi atkyda)
    How old are you? = Сколько вам лет? (skolko vam let)
    What is your name? = Как тебя зовут? (kak tebia zovut)

    I'm sorry = извините (izvihite)
    Thank you = Спасибо (spasibo)
    Have a nice day = Хорошего дня (horoshevo dnia)
    I love you = Я тебя люблю (ya tebia leublu)

    Monday = Понедельник (ponedelnik)
    Tuesday = Вторник (vtornik)
    Wednesday = Среда (sreda)
    Thursday = Четверг (chetberk)
    Friday = Пятница (piatnitsa)
    Saturday = Суббота (sibota)
    Sunday = Воскресенье (voskresenie)

    Summer = Летний (letni)
    Winter = Зимний (zimni)
    Autumn = Осень (oseni)
    Spring = Весна (vesna)

    Country: Norway
    Continent: Europe
    Language: Norwegian

    Hello = Hei
    Good morning = god morgen
    Good afternoon = god ettermiddag
    Good evening = god kveld
    Good night = god natt
    Goodbye = Ha det
    How are you? = Hvordan går det?
    What time is it? = Hva er klokken?
    Where do you come from? = Hvor kommer du fra?
    How old are you? = Hvor gammel er du?
    What is your name? = Hva heter du?

    I'm sorry = beklager
    Thank you = takk (for a big thanks, Tusen Takk = Thousand thanks)
    Have a nice day = Har en fin dag.
    I love you = Jeg elsker deg.

    Monday = Mandag
    Tuesday = Tirsdag
    Wednesday = Onsdag
    Thursday = Torsdag
    Friday = Fredag
    Saturday = Lørdag
    Sunday = Søndag

    Summer = Sommer
    Winter = Vinter
    Autumn = Høst
    Spring = Vår
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    Useless a language as it is, I speak Welsh

    Country: Wales
    Continent: Europe
    Language: Welsh

    Hello = Hylo
    Good morning = Bore da
    Good afternoon = Prynhawn da
    Good evening = Nos da
    Good night = Nos da (not a typo, evening and night are the same in welsh )
    Goodbye = Hwyl / Da bo ti
    How are you? = sut wyt ti?
    What time is it? = Faint o'r gloch?
    Where do you come from? = Ble wyt ti'n byw?
    How old are you? = Beth yw eich oedran?
    What is your name? = Beth yw eich enw?

    I'm sorry = Yr wyf yn sori
    Thank you = Ddiolch
    Have a nice day = Y cael diwrnod da
    I love you = Cara'ch

    Monday = Dydd Llun
    Tuesday = Dydd Mawrth
    Wednesday = Dydd mercher
    Thursday = Dydd Iau
    Friday = Dydd Gwener
    Saturday = Dydd Sadwrn
    Sunday = Dydd Sul

    Summer = Haf
    Winter = Gaeaf
    Autumn = Hydref
    Spring = Gwanwyn

    I say it's useless because only 20% of Welsh people speak it and only 0.1% of those who speak it cannot speak English alternatively. That 0.1% means the welsh assembly spends millions each year setting up welsh signs, secondary welsh version leaflets etc... It's worse than useless, It's detrimental.

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    Country: Belgium
    Continent: Europe
    Languages: Dutch/French/German

    I fear I only speak Dutch, but I'll try anyways to give some French ^^

    Hello = Hallo/Bonjour
    Good morning = Goedemorgen/ Bon Matin
    Good afternoon = Goedemiddag/ Bon Apresmidi
    Good evening = Goedenavond/ Bon soir
    Good night = Goedenacht/ Bon nuit
    Goodbye = Vaarwel/ xxxx
    How are you? = Hoe gaat het? /Comment ca va?
    What time is it? = Hoe laat is het?/ Quelle heure est-il?
    Where do you come from? = Vanwaar kom je?/ xxxx
    How old are you? = Hoe oud ben je? Quelle est ton age?
    What is your name? = Wat is jouw naam?/ Comment vous vous appelez?

    I'm sorry = Het spijt me/ je suis decu
    Thank you = Dank je/ Merci
    Have a nice day = een goede dag nog/ bon journee
    I love you = Ik hou van jou/ je t'aime

    Monday = Maandag/ xxx
    Tuesday = Dinsdag/ lundi
    Wednesday = Woensdag/ mercredi
    Thursday = Donderdag/ jeudi
    Friday = Vrijdag/ vendri
    Saturday = Zaterdag/ samendi
    Sunday = Zondag/ lundi

    Summer = Zomer/xx
    Winter = Winter/xx
    Autumn = Herfst/xx
    Spring = Lente/ xx

    My hovercraft is full of eels = Mijn vliegtuig zit vol palingen????
    I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts = Ik heb een herlijke hoop kokosnoten
    One language is never enough = Eén taal is nooit genoeg. Une language n'est jamais suffiecente
    I paint small plastic soldiers = Ik schilder kleine plastic soldaatjes


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    Benevolent Dictator CaptainSarathai's Avatar
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    1480 (x8)

    No fair- I live in the States and we only speak English. I've taken 6 years of German, and learn French through association, as well as Japanese, and even trying to learn Gaelic (my family is German/Irish) at some point. I refuse to be "just another ignorant American", and would much rather be knowledgeable about the world. We have such a terrible reputation already.

    The worst thing about Americans speaking English, is that not only have we completely bastardized English (color vs. colour) but we can't even speak that correctly. I want to be an English teacher, not only because I want to reintroduce literature to students, but also because I cannot stand their poor grammar and spelling abilities!
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    Haaaa fun!
    Wow, Welsh! Cool!
    Kudos for trying to learn Gaelic, I want to try that myself someday

    Country: Serbia
    Continent: Europe
    Language: Serbian

    Hello = Здраво
    Good morning = Добро јутро
    Good afternoon = Добар дан
    Good evening = Добро вече
    Good night = Лаку ноћ
    Goodbye = Довиђења
    How are you? = Како си?
    What time is it? = Колико је сати?
    Where do you come from? = Одакле долазиш?
    How old are you? = Колико имаш година?
    What is your name? = Како се зовеш?

    I'm sorry = Извини
    Thank you = Хвала
    Have a nice day = Пријатан дан
    I love you = Волим те

    Monday = Понедељак
    Tuesday = Уторак
    Wednesday = Среда
    Thursday = Четвртак
    Friday = Петак
    Saturday = Субота
    Sunday = Недеља

    Summer = Лето
    Winter = Зима
    Autumn = Јесен
    Spring = Пролеће

    If you know Russian, speaking Serbian would be easy, 'cause they're almost the same
    Necrons W0/D0/L0 Dwarfs W10/D2/L6 (8th edition)

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