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    Well, I got a digital camera, and I whanna post a picture of my emporars champion on LO, so how do I get the picture from my picture file, to the site?


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    Ok. First, find your picture. You do this by double clicking on My Computer on your desktop, or by hitting your windows key (hold it) and hitting 'R'. Now you can LET GO of your windows key. (It's that one you never want to hit except in this case.)

    Now type iexplore.exe in the box.

    Now Internet Explorer will come up. Being a COMPLETE and UTTER NEWB, you should use this often. In the address bar, type C:/ and it will be just hitting My Computer and going to C:/ which should be your main drive.

    Now you have to do this toughie on your own, find your picture. Now that you've found it, remember where it is, and if you have terrible memory, leave it open for easy reference.

    Start another copy of Internet Explorer (or your browser) and go to

    Ok. Now look around for a link that says 'Sign up free' in blue. It's right next to those input boxes. Click it.

    Now follow the directions given and submit. Go to your email and get the confirmation email and follow the link (Or if it's unnecessary, don't.)

    Login with your new account.

    Now when you've logged in, look at the top of the screen and see the input box with a 'browse' button. Hit the browse button and find that photo file which you worked SO hard to find.

    Good. Now at the album it will show your picture and 3 text boxes underneath, one for a direct link, one for an HTML tag and one for a BBcode tag. Copy the text in the third box and write a neat little post here at SG-City. You can hit Ctrl + V and the tag will show up on your post, wherever you like it.
    Submit, and you're ready to go.

    A quick warning. SG Screenshots are in .BMP format. .BMP files are BIG.


    So. Naturally. You're going to want to convert it. If you like. I'm not sure how.

    I'll look into it for you.

    If you have the photo ALREADY on the internet, hosted, you can hit the IMG button above the text box next to the other auto-tag-inserter-buttons.
    A menu will pop up asking for the location of the image.
    When you put it onto the post it will look like this:


    Obviously it will be your own URL.

    The finished product:
    user posted image
    hehe. Sexiness is worthiness...?

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