I am not sure if anyone here likes comic books but I am guessing that many of you do. I hardly ever read any of the coventional DC/Marvel superhero ones, but I am very into "fringe" comics that deviate from the norms such as the peculiar the League of Extrodainary Gentlemen the movie did a horrible injustice to the comic) or From Hell (the movie did a pretty good job).

Anyway, in the past couple of weeks I began reading this incredible comic called "The Invisibles." They were published throughout the 90's but are now in 7 graphic novels. The premise is basically, what if ever conspiracy, crackpot or not, was true? Themes that run through the series are: Occultism, government conspiracies, quantum physics, the Apocalypse, Gnostism, mad science, drugs, S & M, H.P. Lovecraft's myriad ultra-dimensional horrors, numerology, voodoo, sexual debauchery of all stripes, and Anarchy. Plus tons of other just completely crazy and weird things.

Cast of peculiar Characters
A *****ed off messiah from Liverpool who punctuates everthing he says with the F-word.
A drunk homeless Irishman who happens to be one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world.
A heavily pierced assassin who enjoys writing horror action fiction on the side
A clown-face, red-haired psychic sex kitten (as in she loves sex not that she is feline)
A Brazilian transvestite shaman who channels Aztec and Mayan demons
Marquis De Sade
The Roswell aliens
an interdimensional space midget
a Voodoo Hougan rapper
A lesbian commando with an eye-patch
A billionaire playboy who is probably Bruce Wayne
John Lennon
Robert Oppenheimer (father of the atomic bomb)
W.B. Yeats
Princess Diana
even jesus Christ makes a few cameos

The story roughly follows the lines of Good-versus-Evil but through anarchy-versus-control. It's not quite clear sometimes who's on which side though. Any comic enthusiasts are highly recommended to check this out, it will change your outlook on life, or at least make you think in new and exciting ways.