Hello librarians,

I've created a very simple android dice rolling app, mostly just for the purposes of learning Android but with wargames in mind, like 40k. Currently it's in it's very early 'beta'. ITS FREE (not spamming my wears here or anything).

Currently it's not very exciting. it only lets you specify a number of D6 to roll and then shows you a table of face values, with how many of each was rolled. I plan to extend it so you can total the amounts above and below a 'sliding rule', so you can quickly do armour saves, etc and not have to count up X dice, roll them, pick up all the ones you dropped, pick up all the models you knocked over, etc...

Just be nice to get an idea on the following:
1. Would you consider using a dice app rather than carting around a load of real dice?
2. What features would you like over and above what I've mentioned? - would you like the scatter dice feature, or other dice types, or even user-defined dice? For instance?

Love to get you feedback. Sorry if this bores you otherwise.