Cheers to Sniper from the golden throne forums:

With the campaign being over, it's time for the traditional look at what happend and distributing awards for the most memorable actions. This actually is a side-product of the summary, but I thought it's too funny to just leave it out. 'ere we go:

The award for the most useless invention goes to:

The great Council of Decay of the Skaven, for inventing the half-exploding bomb. Not only that it may be the first real weapon of mass destruction in the warhammer world, it also is the most uselss invention for sure as it contaminated the tunnels and caves under the Ulricsberg. For now, only the mutated creatures who were forged when the bomb half-exploded can survive there.

The award for the greatest chicken in the warhammer world (gold) goes to:

Manfred von Carstein for running away after he lost a staring contest with the, also undead, Grandtheogonist Volkmar the Grim. Surely he had some very good reason for not attacking a numerically inferior army who had already fought four days.

As a special award, the Darwin award goes to:

Garagrim Ironfist, for being killed by a giant who fell on him after he killed the giant in the first place. With typical dwarfen reliability, his death was only announced after various tests had been made with the different bodyparts which were scattered over a few square meters.

The award for repeatedly sneaking up goes to:

The Shaggoths in Khazrak one-eyed's war band. Having cunningly launched a surprise attack in the midst of an imperial town, they also retreated almost as cunningly once Khazrak was beaten back, only to show up, seemingly out of thin air, behind some batteries of imperial artillery in the 4-days battle of nations for Sokh. Even though Shaggoths are subtile and sneaky creatures by nature, these ones exelled their reputation by far.

The silver award was handed to Grimgor Ironhide and his warband. They succeeded to suddenly show up in the campaign without anyone noticing they were actually there. Thanks to the natural dexterity and long-trained infiltration tactics, they also managed to ambush no less than two armies in the 4 days battle for Sokh.

Bronze award for sneaking up goes to Kurt Helborg and the knights of the Reiksguard for suddenly re-appearing at Karl Franzs side after being chasen off to the north on day one. Must've been plastic armour indeed, because nobody heard the metallic rattling when they sneaked in from behind on the emperor. Moreover, they were so stealthy, they managed to get through the Chaos lines without being noticed.

The award for strategic incompetence (in gold) goes to:

Archaon, the Everchosen, the Lord of the End of Times. He vailiantly decided to hold a city within enemy territory while being outnumbered and almost surrounded instead of retreating to a mountain road in the north, where terrain would favour defensive actions. Instead, he ordered his troops to sit down and wait while the opponents leveled the city with artillery. Just to justify recieving the award in gold, he abandoned his only artillery units, the Hellcanons, without any reason at the outskirts of Sokh and before this action, he thought it'd be wise to chop off the head of one of his mightiest sorcerers and 500 of his finest troops instead of any enemy.

Karl Franz earned the honour of quailifying for the silver medal, although it really was a tough competition. He evidently was satisfied watching Archaon march against Valten on the second day instead of flank-charging the Chaos troops or attacking their artillery emplacements.

The bronze award will be sent to Ungrim Ironfist for falling his forces back deep into his stronghold because of 8 Hellcannons, when his fortresses artillery still had far more firepower and could've dealt considerable damage to the enemy without endangering themselves.

The award for most stunning show of wizardry goes to:

Teclis, who actually was trying to get drunk in the midst of battle. He succeeded in banning the whole of the demon army when he accidently clapped his hands together to order his servant to get him something else to drink. When being asked how he did that (and why he hadn't done it way before), he simply kept looking stunned at his hands and said: "I know how to clap my hands..."

The award for the most english character goes to:

Grimgor Ironhide, who fought his way through two armies just to reach Archaon, but who didn't take Archaons head while the latter was defenseless, because it was tea time and that the last blow would have made him late for the sacred brew.