Wrote this before I moved, never moved before so it was a massive change. May seem a bit whiny because of that. I felt really bummed out at night time then, when I wrote this rap.
I don't know why I thought to share this with the good people at LO but I have.

The rest of y’all rap like you from NYC
I here to rap about who I be
I gona rap about everything I feel
From now on all I spit is m*****f*****g real

In a few more weeks i gona leave this city
Holy s*** that gona be a pity
I gona miss grownin older maybe wiser with you
You all true friends through and through

E-Zee mate i gona miss you man
Through everythin' you were ma right hand man
Jnr man do you ever grow
Relax kick back, take things slow
Skitzo I gona miss those deep thought talks
God, time, those philosophy walks
3Flo keep up all those s*** jokes
Back it up with some boring TV quotes
Perry put down the smoke
Weed 'n' s***, its just a joke

To the rest of my brothers, sisters, I'll miss you as much
Without good friends life sure would suck
I hope I touch your lives, you sure touched mine
I'll rememeber you all till the end of time

Good luck with everything throughout your life
We'll make it through all the pain sufferin strife
Whateva you don't ever stop
I'll meet you again at the m*****f*****g top

I removed all the swears but had to leave clues as to what the words were or it loses impact. Thoughts?