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    I asked him if I could post this, he agreed. I edited out his screne name, fixed spelling mistakes, and *ed out words.

    Death Avatar 69: I'm becoming highly homocidal due to Japanese class.
    Kevin: Haha.
    Kevin: Dude, your table doesn't look very fun.
    Death Avatar 69: Nope.
    Kevin: That French girl seems uncomfortable.
    Death Avatar 69: I'm seriously getting to the point I was at in elementary school when someone dissed my girlfriend, aka attempted homocide with a deadly object.
    Kevin: Lol.
    Kevin: Yeah the teacher is starting to **** me off.
    Kevin: I'd like to throw her **** out the window.
    Death Avatar 69: Any further, and there will be a school shooting, of one person.
    Death Avatar 69: Haha yeah.
    Kevin: Hah.
    Death Avatar 69: If I only kill one person I don't get life, I just get like 25 years, but it's starting to be worth it.
    Kevin: Heres the worlds out look on murder:
    Kevin: You kill one person you go to jail.
    Kevin: You kill 10 people, you got to Texas and they throw a brick at you.
    Kevin: 20, they lock you in a padded room for the rest of your life.
    Kevin: More than that wee cant handle.
    Kevin: If you killed 4,000 people?
    Death Avatar 69: 1000 of your own countrymen, hey you're President.
    Kevin: We're almost like,
    Kevin: "Well done, you must get up very early in the morning."
    Death Avatar 69: it's so sad
    Death Avatar 69: You kill 5 people, then molest their dead bodies, and eat them, you get the chair or the chamber.
    Kevin: Seriously, what!.
    Kevin: Can't a guy get a little action without these death penalties?
    Death Avatar 69: But, if you send 100,000 people to a foreign county to get molested, in the least, and with a high likely-hood of death via high explosive, you get a pat on the back and told that you're fixing the worlds problems with terrorists.
    Kevin: Hmmm,
    Kevin: intruiging.
    Death Avatar 69: But only five people, all of which were willing to get in your car in the first place, and you get the chamber or the chair?
    Death Avatar 69: where is the justice in that?
    Kevin: Hah.
    Kevin: Lifes ****ed up man.

    A youth with his first cigar makes himself sick; a youth with his first girl makes other people sick. - Mary Wilson Little

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    hehehe, funny stuff.
    Take my words with a grain of salt, i am not the tactical genius i think i am!

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