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    I have recently had an Ethanol bassed blackout. I cannot remember anything about it. The point I am trying to make is that, as humans, do we live life through memories? The question I ask you is, that as humans, do we live life through our memories, sort of like lag time in a FPS(not seeing real time but near real time), and call upon memories to make rational decisons during real time events? I just wanted a community, serious opinion on this.

    BTW because of my past ethanol experiences like my most recent one I have decdided to join AA, now being two weeks clean, and I do plan to stay that way. I have hurt too many pepole, and myself, too many times to ingnore my problems.

    When reply please be serious.
    Thanks in advance,

    AA 2 weeks clean
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    Serious huh?


    My opinion is ,,,,


    We don't just live in our memories. Although our memories do make up a large part of who we have become in our lives.

    I believe 'behavior modification' would be a better term for what ultimately guides people.

    You stick a butter knife in a light socket when you are 5 years old, and it is pretty much a guarantee you wont do that again on purpose! UNLESS! You liked it. Or you absolutely need to. When you reach a situation in your life that cannot be specifically equated by a particular situation you have already defined in your life the outcome is not predefined by past experiences. (although it is heavily influenced by said experiences).

    Are there people who cannot live life in the present because of an obsession with errors or succeses in their past that now dominate their present and future selves..Yes.

    In a small part that could be said of everyone.

    As far as your Ethanol blackout goes, I can only say that I am happy you sought help.

    But if you are assuming that while your mind and body seem to have been on auto-pilot just because you don't remember everything that happened during your Ethanol blackout than you need to think again.

    What happened is.. more likely than not... is that all your inhibitions where completely removed by alcohol.

    Your responsibility for your own actions was not!! I cannot stress that statement enough!

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    Memories help make us the people that we are we take all our experinces and everything every person has contributed to our lives and that creates you. But i don't belive that we live in the memory and at the end of the day people choose what they do and what they don't do so if you do something bad when your drunk you have still chosen to perform that action.

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