So I decided to start off the year right with a 2 week vacation. Well I'm laying in bed sleeping this morning when my buddy Hatem gives me a call.

As with every day, I think he just wants to hang out or something, but he informs me that apparently he went up to my work, and Jen (A co-worker/The love of my life whom I can't have because she's in love with someone else... dumb luck I swear) Informed him that I was not on the schedule for next week.

So this either means that I get a sweet deal and get an extra week off, or I got fired and nobody bothered to tell me about it. It's no big secret that I'm not happy with my job, and I did plan on looking for another job whilst on vacation, but I figured that since I've worked with this company for 2 years (To the day) they'd at least give me a heads up.