ok a golfer and a preist were golfing (Imagine that) and the priest is up first. before he swings, he prays to god. he then swing and makes a hole in one.

the other golfer comes up and swings, and it flies right into the woods. he says Damnit! the preist ddint like it but he didnt say anything.

on the next hole, the golfer goes up and swings, and it flies straight into a sandpit. he yells Damnit! again. the priest now says "God doesn't like it when people swear". he then walks up, and prays again. he shoots another hole in one.

ON the next hole, the golfer comes up, swings, and makes the most horrible shot of his life. he yells "Damnit! I Missed!" right before the priest goes up to shoot, these huge thunder clouds with lightning come up from nowhere, and a lightning bolt hits the preist, and he falls dead.

you then here this huge voice coming from the clouds yelling "Damnit, I missed!"