I've been kicking around the idea for a galactic campaign for 40K/BFG in my head for awhile now. I was wondering if anybody in the Northern/Central Jersey area would be interested in playing a long term campaign like that. There would be some house rules in play, nothing to obtrusive, in order to make the transition from space to ground fights a little easier. Right now I know that I have an Eldar, Chaos, Witch Hunter/Spacemarine, Tau, and another Chaos army willing to play. I would like to see how many people I could get into something like this. Right now the campaign start is slated for sometime after September and before 2006. This may be a while away but it gives me time to see how many people are interested and how big to make this campagin as well as make a few tables and terrain pieces.
The whole concept is that each race starts out on a set amount of worlds and tries to conquer the galaxy I plan to set up. I would love to make this on a really large scale if I could.
Any race is welcome as long as you have it in 40k and BFG.
So how many people are intrested in playing a campaign like this?
If you have any questions email me at Gingerbreadmaffia@hotmail.com or just drop me a PM.