Been thinking about this for some time now, and have become quite curious about where the rest of you guys (and gals) play your tabletop games. Is it at a local gaming club, a friends house, the closest store etc? Please feel free to post pictures of your place would be very interesting.

I myself am a member of a small gaming club. Starting out with just a few members we grew but only to shrink when we were forced to change the location of the club. The new place is a basement in a residential area (actually a bomb shelter , we can take a direct grenade attack if necessary )

As it is in a basment we have no windows and ventilation is limited. Anyway this is how it looks!

the left side

Our minature boxes (also on the left side)

on the right side our minature shelf

one of the painting tables

so now I'm very excited to see how everyone elses gaming area!

over and out