Club and clans I hear you ask? Well actually I don't, but I'm going to explain to you anyway.
In short, you can start clans and groups. To discuss/seek help/give help, all manners of stuff from gaming to writing. From movies to anime. The list is pretty much endless, and I'm sure a few of you at least will know the type of forum thing I'm on about.

E.G: BiDs Manic Pong Club. Discussing the ups and downs (Well right to lefts) of the great game of Pong.

Though of course they'd be more serious lol.

You will be allowed to move off topic, as the Club/clans and Groups forum will be another non post count forum, but keep in mind that this DOES NOT mean you can start posting mindness crap and spam

You can, if you want to, make ranks and/or small image badge things that can go in ones signeture.
However, any images are to be kept small.
No group image can be over 120(w)x60(h) and must not be over 45kb

Please also keep in mind that forum rules still apply.
Thanks and enjoy!