Are there any fans of the fantastic sitcom 'Spaced' out there? I think it is fantastic with it's interesting characters and hilarious plots.

Tim Bisley (Played by Simon Pegg)
Tim is still a skateboarding, baggy trousered, sci-fi loving, comic reading graphic artist but since we last saw him, he seems to have mellowed slightly. No longer driven by the bitterness of being dumped, Tim is enjoying being a single male. Happily ensconced in his new surroundings, he is heartily living a life denied him by the shackles of a comfortable loving environment. He has since happily turned the corner of being 27 and in no way senses the distant, sickening rumble of 30 galloping towards him on a life path that so far seems to have accrued very little in the way of personal achievement. He's fine with it. Honestly.

Daisy Steiner (Played by Jessica Stevenson)
Daisy has decided to grab life by the scruff of the neck and say, "What now?!" With the money earned from her successful foray into professional journalism, together with a hefty subsidy from a generous and no longer living relative, Daisy has hit the road. Her dream of travelling round Asia has become a reality and when we meet her again it is amid the glow of life affirming post adventure euphoria. However, getting back to normality proves slightly more difficult than she had hoped. She returns to find the mundanity she tried so hard to escape, waiting patiently for her at home with a big smile and a cup of tea.

Marsha Klein (Played by Julia Deakin)
Not much has changed about Marsha Klein, the beloved matriarch of 23 Meteor Street. Never bereft of a Lambert and Butler and a glass of red, she presides over her tenants like a doting parent, while her real daughter wreaks havoc in the rooms above. Obviously the mother role doesn't extend to Brian, as only a few months ago they were locked in a bizarre marriage of sexual convenience. Housing benefit and the arrival of Twist has put paid to that, much to Marsha's narrow-eyed chagrin. Perhaps most importantly, Marsha is still blissfully unaware that Daisy and Tim, the professional couple downstairs are no such thing. The most recent arrivals at Chez Klein are in fact leading Marsha on in order to secure the flat. But, as relationships grow closer and our heroes become careless, how long before Marsha discovers the truth and it all goes to hell?

Brian Topp (Played by Mark Heap)
Something has happened to Brian, something terrifying, something very, very wrong. He is smiling. Since we last saw this morose, tortured, paranoid peddler of abstract expressionist art, he has got himself a girlfriend. Daisy's best friend Twist has taken Brian to a place his life has rarely allowed him entry. Happiness. The key to this magical world? Sex, lots and lots of sex. Yet somehow all is not well, contentment and Brian are not entirely compatible. Love may have given him new heart but deep down, who's to say he wants it?

Mike Watt (Played by Nick Frost)
Mike's life makes sense again. The Territorial Army have forgiven him for the whole 'tank thing' and welcomed him back with open arms. Once again, he is safe and warm amid the guns and bombs of his beloved Reserve Forces. This renewed acceptance has bolstered his confidence in other areas too. Mike has finally moved out from his mum's house. An invigorated sense of self has given him the strength to slash those apron strings and break out into the world at large; that and an incident with the cat and an air gun. He's staying with Tim until he finds his feet.

Twist Morgan (Played by Katy Carmichael)
Twist is a rock, buffeted by those with whom she chooses to associate. Little has changed about her since last we cringed at her lack of tact. Apart from the fact that she now has a boyfriend as an accessory. Infinitely incompatible, she rationalises her animal attraction to Brian by dominating him in every way. Yet she may have done too good a job: Brian's interest in all things carnal may ultimately leave little room for shopping and socialising in the number of self consciously cool bars which she keeps listed in her Prada handbag.