I was goofing off at my club last week and someone brought up the Ridd-ick (stupid censoring tools) movies. They were saying it would be cool if he could be played in 40k in an IG army or something. I made mention of a thread (Richard B. Riddick In Wh40k) started here that had done up some stats for him. Then we got to thinking who else would be fun to play as characters in the 40K world.

I was wondering if anyone else had written up stats for any other characters, either out of boredom or a desire to play them in 1 off games. Or do you have any favorite characters you'd like to see given 40k stats?

Here's my go (I’m terrible with costs, so I left it blank):

Ashly J. Williams (A.K.A. Ash from Evil Dead)
May be purchased for any army as a squad upgrade except for Tyranids/Chaos/Dark Eldar/Sisters of Battle (he is a chauvinist after all, he wouldn't make it to the battle with the SoB, they'd kill him first)


Ash is equipped with armor to match the squad he is joined to. His save will match theirs. He also gains a 5+ "dodge" save for CC.

Ash uses the squad Ld if higher than his own. If not the squad uses his Ld.

Ash is equipped with a rifle and chainsaw hand. The rifle will have the same profile as the weapons the squad is equipped with. His chainsaw hand counts as a power weapon and gives him the attack bonus for fighting with two weapons. All his CC attacks are figured at +2 S due to the chainsaw hand.

Special Abilities:

Preferred Enemy-Undead. If in CC with undead models (Plauge Zombies, Necrons, etc.) He will always hit on a 3+.

Taunt. If in CC, Ash can forgo all of his attacks to make a Taunt attack. The enemy models must make an Ld check -1 (plus normal modifiers such as below half, Psychic Scream, etc.). If they fail, the are so infuriated that they only hit the squad Ash is attached to on 5+ in CC.