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Thread: Black Gobbo

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    Black Gobbo

    Has anyone seen the new Black Gobbo? It's pathetic!

    -No Wh40k at all
    -An ad for a portion of their website that isn't even up yet about a box set that isn't even out yet with no info whatsoever about the box set
    -The most contrived batreps I have ever seen
    -A Black Gobbo Sez consisting of a paragraph and three tiny illegible pictures of sketches
    -And it's a day late (I think)

    Here are some highlights of the LoTR battle reports:

    -6 Dunedain pass Courage tests simultaneously, despite being reduced to Leadership 1

    -in a game when 2 models have to cross the board, 2 are put at one flank and 1 is put at the other. WHAT POSSIBLE PURPOSE DOES THIS SERVE!? Needless to say, the pair (which did not include the special character) are singled out and murdered.

    -All Ringwraith powers are dispelled, all sixes are rolled to destroy the Wraiths, all Ringwraith powers are dispelled, all Ringwraith powers are failed. In that order.

    -A lone Dunedain passes his Courage test, but never fear. He defeats a Wraith in single combat.

    -seven Wraiths versus four Dunedain (ridiculous overkill) means one Dunedain dead.

    -seven Wraiths versus three Dunedain (even more ridiculous overkill) means one Dunedain and one Wraith dead.

    -three Wraiths versus three Hobbits. A valiant battle, and two Hobbits are slain, but what a shock! Frodo escapes and none of it matters.

    Maybe one of these things in one or two battles. But stuff like this happens over and over and over again! Even if there is some rule I'm missing that says seven powerful models with magic are dependably weaker than three models without magic, even I know how to deploy!

    So...the batreps were sad, the editorial was all but nonexistent, 40k wasn't even recognized, and it was even late. Not to mention the week before, when they couldn't even be bothered to WRITE A FIFTH ARTICLE and left a cute, tiny little picture in its place. This is beyond sad, this is unacceptable quality! I would very honestly rather they skip this fortnight if they're going to put out something like this.

    Quote for probably forever 'cause it rocks:

    "Slaughter them, men, and bring me their hats."

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    I agree 100% black gobbo sucked today.

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