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    The Feedback Mission

    At the moment I am trying to find the directions for Librarium Online to take that provides most long-term satisfaction to the most people.

    As it happens, this is inconvenient for me, I have other calls on my time, but I think I am the one to get this started, as I design databases in the real world, and Librarium Online is basically a database.

    First question – What is Librarium Online ?

    Rhetorical question. It’s many things to many people. Its something people CHOOSE to visit - therefore it must need to be attractive.

    First Impressions – the skin. Librarium Online is becoming known as ‘the one that hurts your eyes’, at least to a few friends of mine. All the other major forums have a dark skin by default. Why is this? Is it important that LO is different?

    Second impressions – Things are arranged in a logical, ergonomic manner. No one has to go too far to find what they want – and mods don’t have to do too much navigation to patrol their area of responsibility. Has Librarium Online reached this stage yet ?

    Long term impressions – People seem to CRAVE stability on forums. So, things stay much the same. For years. The same people are still around, because they feel comfortable. The same layout, because it works. People can rely on finding things again where they last saw them.

    At the moment things are changing on a regular basis, every month or two.

    I do not always know what the reasoning is behind the changes. Sometimes the change is obviously for the better, sometimes it is like-for-like, and sometimes it can hurt people by taking things away like their status.

    I think we need to have some means of change-control here. Some system of making sure that changes ARE always for the better.

    We need to have a system for asking people easy and logical questions, so that what we end up with meets the approval of the majority. We also need people to actually reply, and not fear that expressing dissatisfaction will be held against them. We all want the same thing – we want Librarium Online to be as good as it can be.

    In theory I think we can then move rapidly towards a forum design that CAN be stable. And then we must find Blackhat another hobby so that he is not tempted to tinker with it when he gets bored :rolleyes:.

    So, lets try to make this logical and easy to follow. Please keep your responses to any of these questions to not more than about five lines. I will ask another question in a day or two.

    My first question, for the Moderator and Enhanced community will be: Is the current skin good or bad?

    My second question will be more complex, and I will work out a logic tree for it shortly. But it will deal with the design of the forums and the Moderator ‘structure’ that keeps it in order, so please think about that for a day or two, perhaps even look at other forums to see what works there, and what doesn’t work.

    Ryan Dancey, Vice President of Wizards of the Coast, believed that TSR failed because of "...a near total inability to listen to its customers, hear what they were saying, and make changes to make those customers happy." Are you listening, Games Workshop ?

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    Right to try and answer your first question. What is LO to me?

    When I first joined LO, it was basically to get information about my hobby. To get the news about upcoming releases and what other people thought about them. Over time that has changed where the actual hobby part of the forum has been getting less and less attention from me. I find myself more drawn to the topical threads and the enhanced forum. This might be because of a combination of factors, but once you are on LO for a time, I found the hobby topics have tended to be repeated. What I am basically trying to say is that over time LO for me has evolved from a more Hobby based website to a website where I can talk to people which I feel like I know (well as much as possible anyways^_^) about a broad range of topics. I came for the warhammer but stayed for the people.

    As to the skin, I have changed to the inverted LO skin. As for a reason, there isn't one really I just like how my avatar looks with it . Any other forums I am a member of do have Dark backrounds but, I don't think the lighter backrounds had any negative effect on getting new members. In fact I first joined LO because it looked like the cleanest and most orgainised of the forums I visited. So Blackie must have been doing something right even back then.

    On to the changes issue. While I am not privy to the behind the scenes working of LO, I have been a member here for quite a while and have seen a lot of changes, I assume that these changes are needed and neccessary. The only thing which annoys me slightly is when my post count changes wildly. Now I am not hung up on having a huge post count, but I feel like any post I do make adds to the topic (stop laughing!) and god knows I don't post as much as some people. It would just be nice to know that you work diligently to get your post count some way decent, and not to get it halvd overnight. There is no point in changing just for changings sake. If the admins and mods feel like they really have to make a change then by all means go ahead. I assumed that if a change was going to be made, the mods and admins would have been notified and asked for input before any final decision had been made. But judging by your post Aun, it seems not. Maybe that would be a good way to go forward. Get an agreement from managment first before dropping anything on to us the normal Joe Soap members.

    Hope that was some help Aun!
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