Ok so i saw Lord of War yesterday without really having read anything about it and i have to say i was pleasantly suprised. I have to be careful here as this is a film with its politics worn very much on its sleeve- kind of like a dramatized Bowling for Columbine. BAsically the story follows the career of arms dealer Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) a Ukranian-American who decides to embark on a life of gun running after witnessing a gang hit in Little Odessa. What follows is a retrospective of his climb to the top through Beirut, Columbia and ultimately Liberia, darkly comic the film tries hard to make you empathise with the hero while similtaneously making its point about government involvements in the 'grey' areas of the guns trade.
I dont want to give too much away, nor do i want to enter into the political debate this film with inevitably stir up (dont want to get a slap from the Mods!) however, all i will say is that while the film is far from perfect- its a tad slow paced from time to time and you never really care about Yuri or his brother Vitaly (Jared Leto)- its nice to see a mainstream hollywood film tackle a subject like this head on, and some of the scenes are memorable, in particular the first scene, where we follow the progress of a bullet from its own POV from manufacture to use, when it ultimately ends up inside an african child soldier.
so in conclusion- Worth a look