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So it looks like here is the place to have a peek at my life, for anyone that is interested. I will be just talking about 40k, work (the parts that I am allowed talk about), films, music and any other stuff that catches my attention.
God bless long weekends. Halloween is a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland so a very sweet three days of relaxing. Even though I did go down to my friend Nicks house on Friday for his 23rd birthday. Friday night we went out to the pub and had a few games of pool, which I lost in an blaze of glory. Saturday was the big day out were we went Quad Biking, right in the middle of the wettest day of the year so far (which is something for this country). Still it made the thing a whole lot more enjoyable, driving for the biggest puddles I could find. Its amazing I am not sick, considering how wet I got even with the waterproofs.