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Vindy's adventures in Aarklash in the time of Rag'narok

Ehm, hi and welcome to my thoughts and rants while I am picking up Rackhams 28mm skirmish game Confrontation.To start with a little infromation on this game. Unlike Warhammer this game is based on a concept of confrontations between smaller warbands or groups of warriors instead of full scale armies. A normal army is 6-16 models at about 400 points, so no direct hordes of little guys that are trying to beat each other up.Now I intend to get a total of three armies at the moment, these will be one Wolfen of Yllia, One Alchemist of Dirz and one Devourers of Vile-Tis. Of these the wolfen and alchemist will be two 200 point demo armies (I've already got 150 points for both of them, check further down for pics), while the Devourers will be my 400 point tournament army, but I love the miniature range for them so much that I probably will get all of them.