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Three days of blogging in a row! Will I keep up the pace? I don't think so, but we will see.

So after all my planning to get some serious painting done last night, it came to nothing. By the time I got my hair cut (wow aren't blogs great!), grocery shopping done (amazing!) and the Man. Utd. match watched, it left me with very little time to paint anything. I got one or two little things done on my WFB and W40k entries and thats about it. Maybe tonight, so fingers crossed.
What I did do was play some games last night, mainly "Beyond Good and Evil" on the xbox, which is published by Ubisoft as far as I am aware. It looks good so far but I can't go far wrong because I bought it preowned for a tenner. It is one of these games which a lot of people haven't played but which got some good reviews. So far it seems to have a great humor about it and an easy control system. More about it during the next couple of blogs!