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IW-Steel's Reserve

Steel's Reserve is my Iron Warriors Company that was left on a force to garrison the planet. During the last Black Crusade, Lord Steel was left to command a small and elite counter attack regiment, while the rest of the company was taken back to the eye of terror. The regiment consisted of rock hard troops who used their vetern skills and stealth in order to pin the army, while the heavy weapons and ordinance finished off opponents. As a result of being left to garrison a basically in hospitable world, Steel's Reserves have become bitter. They will fight anyone, any time, any where. Frequent siding with Orcs in all matters, Steel's Reserves have taken a liking to finish things up close and personal. The recent "loss" of Lt Czar, left Steel in sole command of the force. The last remaining elemants are listed below with some currently in repair. There is a small patrol squad that has been sent off the planet to bring back fresh recruits.